2018 Fixture List

MARCH   6th    3 Clubs & a putter                 Burnside

13th     Stableford                                     Buddon

9 Hole Stableford, Qual                             Burnside

20th     Stableford                                    Burnside

27th     March Spoon                                Buddon

APRIL    3th      Coronation Foursomes          Burnside

10th      Monthly Medal                             Champion

Buddon Brooch                              Buddon

9 Hole Stableford, Qual                   Burnside

17th      Alzheimers                                 Burnside

24th      Taymouth Cup, Ex Medal             Champion

Buddon Stableford                     Buddon

MAY    1st      Spring Meeting, Medal       Champion

Buddon Brooch                            Buddon

9 Hole Stableford, Qual                Burnside

7th        Anderson Trophy R1                  Burnside

8th        Anderson Trophy R2                  Burnside

15th      Macdonald Trophy, Ex Medal      Champion

Buddon Stableford                    Buddon

22rd      Nicol Cup R1                           Burnside

29th      Dickson Qualifier, Medal            Champion

Buddon Brooch                         Buddon

9 Hole Stableford, Qual            Burnside

JUNE   5th      Centenary Salver R1        Burnside

12th      Gold Medal, Ex Medal               Champion

Buddon Stableford                   Buddon

19th      Nicol Cup R2                           Buddon

9 Hole Stableford, Qual            Burnside

26th      Centenary Salver R2               Champion

Buddon Brooch                      Buddon

JULY     3th      Norrie Cup Foursomes    Burnside

24th         Stableford                           Buddon

31st     Bowling Green Cup                Champion

Buddon Stableford                  Buddon

9 Hole Stableford, Qual           Burnside

AUG   4/5th    Club Championship       Champion

7th      Cancer Relief                          Burnside

14th      Medal                                   Champion

Buddon Brooch                      Buddon

21st      Veterans Trophy                    Burnside

28th     Autumn Meeting, Ex Medal  Champion

Buddon Stableford                Buddon

9 Hole Stableford, Qual         Burnside

SEPT   4th      Medal                        Champion

Buddon Brooch                               Buddon

11th      Daily Mail Fourso               Burnside

18th      Breakthrough for Cancer  S  Champion

Breakthrough for Cancer B    Buddon

9 Hole Stableford, Qual         Burnside

25th      Extra Medal                         Champion

Buddon Stableford                Buddon


OCT   2nd Stableford       (tbc-Dunhill)   Buddon

9th        SGU Silver/Bronze Brooch     Burnside

16th      Monthly spoon                      Burnside

23th      Stableford                             Buddon

9 Hole Stableford, Qual         Burnside

30st      Tri am                                     Burnside


    Interclub Matches


Wed, April 4th       St Andrews                             Home

Wed, April 11th     Downfield                   Away

Wed, May 16th      Alyth                           Away,

Wed, July 4th         CGC, CCGL, Buddon, 4.30pm

Mon, Sept 24th      Crail                            Home


Fri, April 13th                  Captain v Vice Captain

Sat/Sun Aug 4th/5th             Club Championship

 AGM and Presentation of Prizes will be held on

Wednesday, 14th  November 2018, 7pm.