23rd AUGUST 1873

The first entry in the minute book records, a golf competition over a course set aside for the Ladies, hosted by the men of the Dalhousie Club.   ‘To give greater encouragement to the fair golfers’.

25th AUGUST 1873

The inaugural meeting of the Ladies’ Golf Club took place in the Dalhousie Club. By the 30th August a president and 6 committee members had been elected and Mr Murdock of Dundee was treasurer/secretary.

JULY 1878

It was proposed to allow gentlemen associate members as a means of keeping the club in financial existence.   38 gents were admitted.

JULY 1883

Gentlemen were reminded that as the course is exclusively for Ladies, they may only play when accompanied by a lady player. 

JULY 1886

The first lady secretary was elected. The club was now in a healthy state and the help of the men was no longer required.

JULY 1890

Report from the ‘COURIER’ (newspaper).   ‘Two rounds of 18 holes each were played, and as some of the holes are pretty lengthy, to do them at an average of 3 is considered grand scoring’. Miss E Stewart won again with rounds of 55 and 52′.


At AGM, discussion on new clubhouse – plans from Mr Fraser, Architect, Carnoustie.  Probable cost £400 based on £250 loan and subs of £150.  Trustees appointed.  Eventual cost of completed building was £510 and £50 was allowed for furniture.

MARCH 1915

Mrs Harris proposed that the club give £5 for wool to knit socks. Having collected 50 pairs of socks the committee were asked to forward these with cigarettes to the local boys of the 5th Black Watch.