Photos of 2016 Christmas Lunch

Table set, we’re ready to go.

Oh Sheila, that gammon looks good.

Hope Jean R is happy with this!

Love Joan’s jumper.

Pat’s testing the refreshments.

What happened to Elsie, she was using this a minute ago?

Amy’s all ready for the lunch.

Yee Hah! – is this the line dancing lunch?

Wonder if Robbie knows?

Linda’s doing a sterling job.

They look as if they’ve enjoyed their main course.

Ooops, missed off Helen’s left ear.

There should be six here, wonder where Jean McN went?

Someone’s been lucky in the raffle.

Gail managed to get her clubs into that locker a few minutes ago.

Clever getting the antlers all in a row.

Jean must have decided to stay for this lunch.

Those puddings went down well.

Wealth of experience – some of our Past Captains plus one novice!

Isabel, as always, enjoying a laugh.

Time to go. Bye Jean and Amy.

Jemmie wondering if that’s her raffle prize. Bye everyone until next year.

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